2010 Japan
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2008 South Korea

Lecture materials

Prof. Yozo Fujino

[July 15] Introduction to Smart Structures Technology [download pdf]


Prof. B. F. Spencer, Jr.

[July 15] Data Acquisition [download pdf]


Prof. Erik A. Johnson

[July 16] MDOF Structural Dynamics [download pdf]


Prof. Narutoshi Nakata

[July 16] Single-Degree-of-Freedom (SDOF) Systems [download pdf]


Prof. Kenneth J. Loh

[July 16] Multifunctional Materials and Nanocomposites for Spatial Structural Sensing [download pdf]


Prof. Richard Christenson

[July 17] Theory of Control [download pdf]


Prof. Ananth Ramaswamy

[July 17] Structural Control and Condition Assessment [download pdf]


Prof. Satish Nagarajaiah

[July 17] Input-Output Peak Peaking Modal Identification & Output only Modal Identification and Damage Detection of Structures using Time Frequency and Wavelet Techniques [download pdf]

[July 17] System Identification: Time-Frequency Methods [download pdf]

[July 17] System Identification [download pdf]

[July 17] Real-time Actuator-Sensor-Failure and Structural Damage Detection [download pdf]

[July 17] Reference paper 1: Output only modal identification and structural damage detection using time frequency & wavelet techniques [download pdf]

[July 17] Reference paper 2: Adaptive passive, semiactive, smart tuned mass dampers: identification and control using empirical mode decomposition, hilbert transform, and short-term fourier transform [download pdf]

[July 17] Reference paper 3: Real-Time Structural Damage Monitoring by Input Error Function [download pdf]


Prof. Yukio Tamura

[July 20] Wind-induced Response of Buildings and Control Techniques [download pdf]


Prof. Tomonori Nagayama

[July 20] Structural health monitoring [download pdf]

[July 23] Introduction to Wireless Smart Sensors and their Application to Structural Health Monitoring [download pdf]


Prof. Hyung-Jo Jung

[July 22] Structural Control for Civil Engineering Applications [download pdf]


Dr. Dionysius Siringoringo

[July 22] Applied System Identification for Constructed Civil Structures [download pdf]


Prof. Masayoshi Nakashima

[July 23] Needs and challenges on large structural testing for the advancement of earthquake engineering [download pdf]


Prof. Hoon Sohn

[July 23] Active Sensing based Structural Health Monitoring [download pdf]


Prof. Akira Wada

[July 26] Strength, Deformability, Integrity and Strong Columns in Seismic Design of Multi-Story Structures [download pdf]


Prof. Akira Igarashi

[July 27] Structural Control for Seismic Protection of Structures [download pdf]


Prof. Akira Mita

[July 27] SHM for Buildings [download pdf]


Dr. Di Su

[July 27] Funcdamentals of Finite Element Analysis [download pdf]


Prof. Toru Watanabe

[July 28] Introduction of Control Competition & Lecture on PID Control [download pdf]


Prof. Akira Nishitani

[Aug 2] Smart Structures Technology: Structural Control for Building Structures [download pdf]


Prof. Limin Sun

[Aug 2] Chinese Bridges and Health Monitoring Systems [download pdf]


Prof. Nobuo Takeda

[Aug 2] Structural Health Monitoring of Aerospace Composite Structures [download pdf]


Prof. Chung-Bang Yun

[Aug 2] Smart Structural Health Monitoring: R & D and Applications in Korea [download pdf]


Charles DeVore

[Aug 4] APSS Control Lab and Competition: Final Report [download pdf]