Wind tunnel

Full scale wind tunnel

Our 16m-wide full scale wind tunnel is one of the biggest wind tunnel in Japan. Elastic model experiments of many famous bridges in Japan like the Akashi Kaikyou Ohashi, the Rainbow bridge have been carried out here. Experiments of some communication and transmission lines have also been committed. The figure on the right describes the experiment of the Akashi Kaikyou Ohashi.

Strong wind simulator

This wind tunnel can simulate boundary layer wind of velocity up to 30m/s. Using low-noise design, It is applicable not only for strong wind but also for aerodynamic noise experiments. This picture shows a bridge's 2D model experiment.

Experiment and measure facilities

Lazer Doppler speedometer

CCD Camera


Parallel computing system

This system of our lab. is used to solve CFD problems which require a large amount of computation. As a part of our researches a real time data processing and electricity generation prediction for the wind turbine in Hachijojima has been constructed.